Blam Studio is an independent advertising agency representing skateboarding’s finest and most innovative artists, photographers, directors, writers, and designers. Our shared background provides us with a unique perspective of the world, allowing us the ability to offer our clients original solutions to their creative needs.








About Blam by Dave Carnie:

“Skateboarding allows you to do whatever the hell you want. Because if you’re a skateboarder, you already know how to work hard: you trained yourself to be a good skateboarder. Skateboarding doesn’t come naturally. It’s not like you come out and you can do all these tricks. You work hard, and if you can translate that into a job, a real job, then you should succeed.” 

—Keith Hufnagel, pro skater and owner of HUF footwear and apparel.

Everyone here at Blam comes with a background in skateboarding, so we all grew up treating the world sort of like a playground. Everything in our environment has the potential to be a canvas for our art. (Canvas! Art!) Just a short push to the liquor store can take on epic proportions. “It’s about the journey, not the destination”—it’s a well-worn cliché, but an accurate description of the skateboard lifestyle.

Whereas the rest of the world races around trying to get from point A to point B as fast as they can, they don’t see the red curb in the corner of the parking lot as anything other than just a red curb in the corner of the parking lot (that is if they see it at all). The skateboarder, on the other hand, sees the curb’s latent potential for fun, a challenge, something to dork around on, or something to get serious on, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s an object that possesses the ability to create “the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.”

Although that’s an unsuitable quote to invoke here because there’s very little in the language of skateboarding that can be described as “victory” or “defeat” in the traditional sense. There are no teams, no coaches, no practice, no rules, and no trophies so the only motivation to succeed is the satisfaction that comes from accomplishment itself. As a result, skateboarding has always attracted independent, free-thinking, creatively driven individuals. Individuals that aren’t afraid to take risks and are down to explore, discover, and learn. They’re imbibed with a spirit that is rebellious, nonconformist, punk rock (if you like), and takes the road less traveled. These are the types of people that are represented at Blam: uniquely tweaked minds who are self motivated to succeed, no matter the cost, at the level of their own lofty standards.

Like the world of skateboarding, Blam is a tribe. Everyone here is united, not only by skateboarding, but by our passion for the creative paths we’ve chosen outside of skateboarding. And so we can be a bit obsessive with whatever it is we’re engaged with, whether it’s skating a lowly parking block, writing an “about” page for a website, or delivering a project to a client—there is a passion at Blam for making anything and everything we touch exquisitely interesting, entertaining, and fun.





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Julian has produced from the desert of Gobi to the waterfalls of Iguazu and through pretty much every ridable city where English, French, German or Spanish are spoken. Brand strategy and marketing plans are tended to from the comfort of the Berlin office.

Clients include: Carhartt, Red Bull, Converse, Eastpak, Skateistan, RVCA, Selle Royale, Schindelhauer.



Bemo’s art direction can have the effect of the first few lines of a sultry poem, or feel like being handed the crucial clue to a twisted murder mystery. Worldly and inquisitive, he will get your story, and get it out there.

Clients include: Universal Music, Audi, Mercedes, IKEA, RVCA, Opel, Coca cola, Telecom, VW, Nokia, San Pellegrino, Mountain Dew, and more.



Olivier has extensive experience as a Creative Director and Entrepreneur in the fields of music & technology. His instincts are honed by his passion for excellence and innovation, led by his travels and his incredible capacity to immerse in any niche culture that captures his interest. He lives in California, Japan, and Europe, and his blend of curiosity and managerial savvy offers a unique edge to the brands he works with. Olivier founded Chronowax music label and co-founded Fairtilizer and Official.fm music website.

Clients include: Sony, Warner, Vivendi, LVMH, Nike, Adidas, Vans, SubPop, Def Jam, Secretly Canadian, Ed Banger, The Knife, Bloc Party, Chromeo.